Rajon Rondo Talks Celtics, Can’t Name Any Kentucky Players

10.21.09 8 years ago 23 Comments
Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

It might be just the preseason, but the vibe inside the Boston Celtics’ visitor locker room in Madison Square Garden last night felt like a regular season game. KG’s demeanor was intense as he paced back and forth throughout the locker room. Marquis Daniels and Eddie House had their eyes fixated on the television set, watching game tape from the last Knicks/Celtics match. And ‘Sheed was kicking back at his locker listening to his headphones, while giving off that signature “I don’t give a f***, don’t talk to me” vibe.

Although the Celtics would fall 108-103 to the lowly Knicks on this Tuesday night (it is preseason after all), the Celtics are prepared for battle in ’09-10. Boston is determined to take back the East and take back the championship. If that’s going to happen, they are going to need big things out of fourth year guard, Rajon Rondo. The team’s floor general is coming off a career year where he averaged 11.9 points, 8.2 assists and 1.9 steals per game.

We caught up Rajon in the locker room an hour before last night’s preseason match against the Knicks.

Dime: How did you spend your offseason?
Rajon Rondo: I worked out, went to the gym a lot. I didn’t take too much time off as far as hooping wise. I stayed in Boston about two months after the season. Just worked out, tried to get a little bigger. Shot a lot, ball handling that’s about it.

Dime: You’ve been in camp for three weeks now, how do you think the team is looking?
RR: We need to get better execution wise. We got a couple of new guys we need to get used to the system other than that we have the same core of guys and we know what we’re doing.

Dime: When you guys won the championship you guys had James Posey, who was the x-factor. Who do you envision being the x-factor this season?
RR: I don’t think it’s one particular person. Everyone in the team needs to step up. Our team is a lot stronger than our championship year and I think we have a better chance to win it all.

Dime: Do you guys have a different mentality coming into this season?
RR: It’s too early to tell. It’s not too much different yet, it’s still preseason. So our rotation isn’t really set yet. The vibe is good, of course we’re position – we want to win. I’m sure our vibe will change throughout the season though.

Dime: What do you think about all the team’s new additions?
RR: They aight. I think they’re fitting in well, you need to ask them.

Dime: As far as your alma mater Kentucky goes, how do you think they’re going to do this year?
RR: I don’t know two players on the Kentucky team (laughs). I’m looking forward to the season though. Technically I’m not alumni, but I went to Kentucky for two years. I wish them well and I know they’ll do well. I heard of some of their new players and they got that new coach. But like I said I don’t know their names. I’ll watch them when I get a chance. It’s so hard because our schedule is crazy.

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