Video: Ramon Sessions Dunks On LeBron James

01.19.14 4 years ago
Ramon Sessions, LeBron James

Ramon Sessions, LeBron James ( Jeremy Brevard/USA TODAY Sports)

This one was about timing, but Ramon Sessions took a peek to his left right before lift off, and he knew who those footsteps belonged to. With LeBron James bearing down on him, Sessions went for the dunk anyway, and snuck past James to avoid the block. We’ve looked at this a few times, and James gave it his all to swat Sessions. It wasn’t happening. Ramon was in the air too quickly and avoided the chasedown block by a matter of inches.

Here is the reaction to the dunk, included a dumbfounded Bobcats fan that can only look on in shock.

But you can see the quick look Sessions gave before taking off, and just how close James came to blocking him.

We’re going to let our excellent commenters decide whether or not James got posterized, but no one can claim that James eased up, or wasn’t trying as hard as he could to scamper back for the block.

Sessions was just too quick, and we gotta give him props for looking, seeing James almost parallel with him on the court, and leaping anyway for the slam. That’s the type of confidence you need to dunk past the world’s best player.

But James and the Heat escaped Charlotte with the 104-96 win, despite getting pushed to overtime. With Wade not dressing, James even got to shoot the ball 25 times (he was 13-of-25 for 34 points on the night). Maybe now he won’t be so jealous of Kevin Durant. Although, earlier this weekend, Durant did a little more damage on just three more shots than James took.

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