Ray Allen’s Top 10 Game-Winning Daggers Of His Career

11.30.12 5 years ago
Ray Allen

Ray Allen did it again last night. He does it so often “it” is simply just understood at this point: He hit a game-winning shot with the cool precision of a man doing the mundane. Whether in Milwaukee, Seattle, Boston or Miami (already), the all-time NBA three-point leader, the man they call Jesus, is one of the game’s ultimate clutch shooters.

I say already because his game-winning three-pointer to beat San Antonio on Thursday was his third of November alone. He beat Cleveland and Denver the same way. Against the Cavaliers, Allen’s defender sagged off to help on LeBron James at the wrong split-second, giving Allen room to shoot, nearly the exact scenario he exploited to beat the Spurs.

There’s plenty more where those came from. Here are Allen’s top 10 game-winning daggers of his career.

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