Re-Seeding The NCAA Tournament Should Become A Reality

03.30.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

After the possibility of the last two remaining No. 1 seeds meeting up in the Final Four, this got me thinking. Sure March is Mad, but shouldn’t the National Championship game be the best two teams left? So I started devising a way that regardless of what region in the bracket you get stuck, the grand pecking order would prevail. I introduce to you, re-seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

Don’t get me wrong. In terms of ticket sales and team preparation, each weekend’s pods would have to stay the same. And they should. But wouldn’t it be more fair and produce better games if they re-seeded after every weekend? You can keep teams in their respective regions, but let’s get the best matchups.

I do understand that after bringing up this idea in the office, most people are opposed to it. So let’s just settle on this: Re-seeding in the Final Four. By the time you get to the Final Four, advertisers are just hoping for national powerhouses and media darlings. So why should the best game take place on Saturday and not Monday night? That’s not good for anyone. Fans want to watch the two best teams left standing go at it for the title, so it shouldn’t matter if your region was placed on the left or the right side of the bracket.

This weekend, a 5-seed will end up in the final game. Yes Michigan State was there last season, but Duke was the third over all No. 1 seed and West Virginia was a possibility for a 1-seed before the tournament began. Should Duke vs. West Virginia (assuming they’d each win) be for the whole thing, or should their be the appetizer Saturday night?

What do you think? Should they re-seed after each weekend? Does it make sense the two best teams don’t make it to the Finals because of their placement in a bracket region?

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