Read Kevin Garnett’s Lips

04.21.09 9 years ago 50 Comments

Kevin Garnett

It’s tough to pick out exactly what Kevin Garnett is yelling when he’s on the sideline, even though he is articulately screaming cusses in full view of the camera. That’s partially because he drops “mothaf*cka” this and “b*tch” that so often that it draws your eye away from whatever, possibly more heinous trash talk spewing from his mouth.

We caught him screaming something about “We’re MEN!” in one of the night’s more innocuous comments. But that wasn’t his best work of the evening.

* After Ray Allen sunk a trey with about six minutes left, KG screamed, “Where you goin’ muthaf*cka?!”

* When Ray hit another three with about 25 seconds left, Garnett went with the bitter beer face, curling his lower lip up, and might have been silent for the only time that the camera panned to him all night.

* We couldn’t pick out what he said after Ray hit the game winner, but there was definitely a “This is our place, b*tch!!”

As much as the playoffs are a family event and KG’s tough guy act is tiresome for a lot of people, you have to admire just how heated he gets. You can’t really fake that type of passion, no matter how foul your mouth is.

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