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09.04.08 9 years ago 9 Comments

This one was over early today. You guys are killing us.

From the post about the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s “classic” new look post (and be warned about language before reading):

1. Ashlov said:
“You would think after giving the Dirty Sanchez to a historical franchise like the Sonics, they’d have the creative capacity and common sense to come up with something dynamic to wow their new fanbase and possibly even calm the frothing horde that despises their owner.

But no, they come up with something that makes my penis retract.”

2. that’s whats up says replied with:
“hey Ashlov, I thought it was only women that made your penis retract.”

And then honorable mention for one of the most wrong comments ever goes to that’s whats up again commenting on Smack today:

“hey ranger, I think your signature should say (mccain in ’08, Palin in ’09)

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