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01.07.08 10 years ago 9 Comments

Of all the problems that the Milwaukee Bucks have, you would think that Michael Redd is not one of them. Apparently though, there are those in Milwaukee who feel differently. From a post today on Bucks blog Brew Hoop:

What’s wrong with the 07/08 team?

Ironically, Redd has often been the scapegoat this season, frequently losing confidence in everyone but himself and causing some internal rankling because of his head-down approach in fourth quarters. But the offensive ineptitude displayed by everyone not named Redd or Mo Williams is startling, and for all the lack of leadership Redd may be guilty of, you’d have to excuse him for feeling a bit frustrated by people who want the other guys shooting more.

The post goes on to explore the roots of Milwaukee’s problems and what they should do to improve their situation. It seems as though this season is already lost, as they’d have to play some serious ball just to make the playoffs in the East:

So what’s left for the Bucks this year? While it seems reasonable to think the team’s huge group of underachievers could come around, games like the one in Charlotte yesterday have thus far been too few and far between. While the season doesn’t seem that old and the Bucks are still only three games out of the eight spot, consider that the Bucks need to win 28 of their remaining 49 games (.571 win%) to finish with 41 wins, the rough target for playoff teams in the East. Then consider that only Boston, Detroit and Miami have a winning percentage higher than that at the moment.

As bad as they’ve been this season, it seems unfortunate to be talking about blowing this team up and starting over doesn’t it? On paper, a core of Redd, Mo Williams, Yi Jianlian and Andrew Bogut should at least be able to do something in the East right?

You can read the full post HERE.

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