Reebok Answer 12

12.15.08 9 years ago 18 Comments

It is hard to believe that Allen Iverson has been in the League since 1996. It seems like yesterday Iverson was playing in the Big East tournament against Ray Allen in Madison Square Garden. For 13 seasons we’ve watched Allen tear the NBA up. Iverson has one, if not the most loyal fan bases a professional athlete can have.

Even through the tough times A.I.’s fans ride out for him. The Answer’s ride throughout his career as an NBA player has been a journey that not too many can say they have been on. Reebok tried to emulate that with Iverson’s latest signature shoe, the Answer 12.

The back of the A12 has an excerpt from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley (if you’re in a black fraternity then you know this poem very well!). Invictus has been very instrumental in Iverson’s life. The poem speaks on how one is the master of their fate and the captain of one’s soul.

The A12 drops in February and will hit your pockets for $100.

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