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Reebok Still Talkin'

Earlier today, we asked who will be better between the Suns or the Clippers. While most people agreed that the Suns will edge out the Clippers, it’s interesting to note how far the Suns have fallen since the days of Mike D’Antoni. With the big Shaqtus now focused on getting a “Ring for the King,” the Suns will return to running and racking up the points. (A run-and-gun system that led the Suns to the Western Conference finals twice (’05 and ’06), and in 2007 many felt were one Robert Horry body check away from at least an NBA Finals berth.) For today’s Reebok Still Talkin’ Quote of the Day, we look at the opinions of two members of the Suns.

“We will be NBA Champions”- Leonardo Barbosa

“The Nash-and-Stoudemire era is not over yet … We’re still here. We’re bringing the Phoenix Suns team with us.” – Amar’e Stoudemire

To be fair, Barbosa was asked for his fearless prediction on the 2009-2010 NBA season, but his response caught our attention. (Tyreke Evans‘ fearless prediction for the 2009-10 season was, “We will win more than 17 games.”)

Barbosa’s response shows the mentality of the team and that they believe they can win. The Nash-Stoudemire era did bring the Suns some success (though no rings) and Coach Gentry is bringing the old Suns back to life. This team will go as far as Amar’e and Nash can carry them, but is that an NBA championship? No. Even with Amar’e playing out of his mind (it is a contract year) and Nash finding the fountain of youth, this team is still a five-seed at best (and that might be a stretch) in the new look Western Conference. Sorry Barbosa.

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