Report: Ramon Sessions “Definitely” Wants To Stay With The Lakers

05.23.12 6 years ago

Ramon Sessions

Before Ramon Sessions completely disappeared in the playoffs and started running around in Game 5 in OKC like Stan in Space Jam, Laker Nation was convinced they finally had their point guard of the future. L.A. had not had a legit starting point guard since the days of Nick Van Exel, going from a decomposing Ron Harper to Smush Parker to even players like Chucky Atkins and a 96-year-old Derek Fisher. When he arrived in Hollywood in March, Sessions provided an immediate boost. Perhaps it was the intensity of the playoffs or too much time spent off the ball… but either way, Sessions was broiled and served this postseason.

Despite playing more minutes (31.7), he averaged less points (9.7) on a lower percentage (38 percent), took more threes while making less of them (0.3 made triples a game), and watched his assists drop off a cliff (down to 3.6 a night) in the second season. In the Lakers’ final game of the playoffs on Monday night, he threw one crosscourt pass that might’ve been the worst dish I’ve seen all year. For the first time since he became a Laker, there are questions about his future in L.A. Big questions.

He has a player option for next year for $4.55 million, and while he says he isn’t leaning one way or another as far as testing free agency, The Los Angeles Times writes that he “definitely” wants to be back with the Lakers. L.A. wants him back as well, but has asked that he work on his outside shooting.

Sessions has played with four teams in five NBA seasons. He wants – needs – security of a longer deal, and the Lakers may not be willing to give him one now. But he’s also never had the point guard position all to himself. If he comes back to L.A., he’ll be starting every game for the most popular franchise in the league next year, and hopefully, play well enough to set himself up long-term in the summer of 2013.

There are worse things in the world than making $4.55 million to start at point guard for the Lakers. I’m assuming Sessions realizes that.

Is Sessions still the solution to the point guard needs of the Lakers?

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