Richard Jefferson Does Not Like Andres Nocioni

10.27.08 9 years ago 21 Comments
Richard JeffersonRJ likes these girls, not Nocioni

Even if the Bulls and the Bucks spend the ’08-09 season jockeying for ping pong balls in the NBA lottery, their head-to-head contests are going to be as hard-fought as any in the League. That’s because the three technical foul flare-up in their preseason scrimmage on Friday night could very well set the stage for some more fireworks when they meet on Tuesday night.

Here’s what happened if you didn’t catch the game: Richard Jefferson fouled Derrick Rose on a transition bucket, causing Rose to land awkwardly and injure his hip flexor. Minutes later, RJ went up for a shot and Andres Nocioni basically chopped him across the arms. Jefferson went after Nocioni, which got Kirk Hinrich in the fray, which brought Luke Ridnour into it too.

First of all, if you’re going to pick someone from the Bulls and someone from the Bucks to jump in as the reinforcements, these guys are basically dead last on the list. No need to be a WWF wrestler to hold your own against Hinrich or Ridnour.

Clearly their influence wasn’t enough to quiet the situation. After the game, Jefferson nearly lost his cool on a reporter asking about the exchange of fouls.

“You know my take by the question I’m asking,” he replied. “I know it’s your job to ask questions, but that doesn’t mean we have to answer them or we can’t ask you questions. You could bait me into saying something stupid or talk trash. We’ve got to play them first game of the year. But you know the type of player Nocioni is, so let’s leave it at that.

“I’ve never hurt anybody, never been accused of being dirty. Derrick Rose, I went up after the ball, he got fouled. I’m not trying to hurt the young fellow. I’d never disrespect anybody. But Nocioni, can you say the same thing about him?

When they match up again in the regular season opener on Tuesday, these two will absolutely guard each other for a couple of possessions at bare minimum. That’s good enough reason to watch a game that would have otherwise flown way under the radar.

Source: Daily Herald

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