Rockin’ the Boat

09.19.07 10 years ago 38 Comments

A few days after copping MVP of the FIBA Europe championships, Andrei Kirilenko is stirring things up in Utah. Going off a translation of his Russian-language blog, AK-47 says Jerry Sloan‘s “style and system is not suitable” for him, and says he’s already gone to the Jazz front office and told them he wants to be traded. Obviously not cool for the Jazz, who just lost their best perimeter defender in Derek Fisher. Losing Kirilenko would cost them their best overall defender and most versatile offensive talent — remember he even played point guard for a minute during the playoffs. The closest thing we can think of to AK is Shawn Marion, but that supposedly talked-about deal didn’t go anywhere earlier this summer. Maybe in time a guy like Corey Brewer could be like a Kirilenko, but Minnesota isn’t giving him up anytime soon … We put Corey on the super-early version of Dime’s All-Rookie Team, along with the expected (Durant) and maybe some unexpected (Morris Almond). Click here to check it out … There’s a crazy half-rumor/half-joke going around that Greg Oden (he’s not on the All-Rookie Team) hurt his knee playing Dance Dance Revolution; a Portland radio station even found a blurry photo of someone who looks a lot like G.O. playing the game at a local arcade. Feasible? We’d wanna say no, but we can’t really testify to how taxing DDR is on someone’s knees. But while we were looking for said photo, we did come across this … In a pretty good indication that they won’t be matching Miami’s offer sheet to Charlie Bell, the Bucks signed Royal Ivey to shore up the backcourt. Going by who the Bucks had in for workouts recently, Ivey got the nod over Dee Brown (the young one), Mike Wilks and Scoonie Penn. Nothing against any of those guys, but we kinda wanted to see Scoonie finally break into the League. Still, good for Ivey — he’s had it kinda tough. He was good in college (Texas) despite being overshadowed by T.J. Ford, and a lot of people just know him as the dude who got posterized by Hakim Warrick (it’s somewhere on this clip). And a couple years ago with Atlanta, Ivey was the rare NBA starter who barely got any burn. The guy started 66 games for the Hawks and averaged less than 14 minutes a night. Sometimes he’d start and wouldn’t play past the first quarter. Maybe he can get some decent run with the Bucks … More Gilbert from his blog: “I’m a trend setter, people. I don’t want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I’ll be the bad guy.” … A couple guys you might remember from last year’s NCAA Tournament will be in Orlando Magic training camp: Kevin Kruger from UNLV and Torrell Martin from Winthrop … Earlier Tuesday we watched some of an NBATV replay of Sonics/Rockets from ’97. The talent on the floor was incredible: Hakeem, Barkley, Payton, Kemp and Drexler for starters, as well as Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, Mario Elie, Eddie Johnson, Hersey Hawkins — even an end-of-his-run Terry Cummings. And yet somehow, Matt Maloney found himself dropping buckets in the midst of all that … The guys who made Epic Movie and Scary Movie 4 are doing a spoof of 300 starring Kevin Sorbo and the British guy from Eve‘s sitcom. And now they’ve added Method Man to the cast. Can’t wait … We’re out like AK-47 …

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