Ron Artest: “Kobe’s Probably The Closest Person To Michael Jordan”

08.18.09 8 years ago 83 Comments

Ron Artest

While all the internet chatter lately has centered over which team has had the best offseason, Ron Artest must believe the Lakers are head and shoulders above the rest, comparing the Lake Show to the Bulls of the late 90s.

“The opportunity was unbelievable. I get a chance to play with Kobe, Michael Jordan‘s my favorite player, Kobe’s probably the closest person to Michael Jordan, so I get to kind of relive that whole Chicago Bulls thing growing up, that was my favorite team,” Artest told 790 The Ticket in Miami.

“So, Phil Jackson, you got Kobe Bryant, you got myself at the three like Scottie Pippen, you have a clutch shooter in Derek Fisher like a Steve Kerr, you have Lamar Odom like a Toni Kukoc, it’s just fun, it’s a dream. I thank God so much to be in this situation, get a chance to win, playing with the defending champs, and I’m in LA ’cause you know I love the spotlight.”

If the Lakers now were to play the Bulls then, who do you think would win?

Source: RealGM

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