Rumor: NBA Jam To Return To Wii!

01.05.10 8 years ago 37 Comments

There is a certain rumor floating around the web that will get gamers from the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo generation amped up. According to a blog post on, the cult classic NBA Jam is about to make a comeback on the Nintendo Wii.

EA Sports is supposedly bringing the game back and has struck a deal with the NBA to deliver an updated version of the game in the near future. Although the game will be improved and altered to fit the Wii console, it will have a similar template as the original. That’s good that the game will have the same authentic feel. I’m just hoping they keep the outdated slang in the original NBA Jam like “Boom-shakalaka!”

I’m old school, so here are my top 5 favorite basketball video games of all-time:
1. Run and Gun (Arcade Game)
2. NBA 2K1 (Sega Dreamcast)
3. NBA Live ’95 (Sega Genesis)
4. NBA 2K10 (XBox 360)
5. NBA Jam (Sega Genesis)

What are your top five basketball video games of all-time?

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