San Antonio Suffers A Huge Loss; Deron Williams May Stay With Nets

04.15.11 7 years ago 29 Comments

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

First the Lakers with Andrew Bynum and now this? The juggernauts of the West really should’ve just skipped the final few days of the regular season all together. Reports are now surfacing out of San Antonio’s camp that Manu Ginobili is doubtful for the first game of their series against Memphis with a hyperextended right elbow. An MRI yesterday confirmed the injury. During their game against the Suns on the season’s final night, Ginobili was running off a screen and tried to grab a hold of his own man to use his momentum to curl around. The problem was that Grant Hill was right behind him and sort of ran up his back, hitting him in just the right spot so that Manu’s elbow hyperextended. It wasn’t pretty. The Spurs had perfect luck all year, absolutely no injuries, no suspensions, nothing. And now on the final day of the regular season, the guy who’s been their best player all year gets hurt. Can they still beat Memphis? They should, especially since we get the feeling this injury will be a day-to-day thing that they can monitor. But if Ginobili is playing hurt, the Grizzlies can take advantage. Believe that … Was it just us or was everyone surprised by Deron Williams’ admission yesterday that he could see himself setting up shop in New Jersey? We are all for staying loyal and backing your owners, but it goes completely against the new, conventional NBA to say “I want to stay here” when management hasn’t really done anything to prove themselves. Williams should be out letting everyone know the Nets have a timetable, they have a certain amount of time to get him some horses or he is bouncing up out of there. That’s what he should’ve done, especially on a struggling franchise like New Jersey. If you didn’t realize it by now, that was sarcasm … Was there a more random finish to the season than what Gordon Hayward did? Dude went from getting no burn whatsoever to besting Kobe in the clutch, and then on the season’s final day, dropping a cool 34 points. We never thought we would say this, but the kid has a real future. We hooked him up, along with some other guys like Greg Monroe and Ed Davis, with one of our “rookie” awards … You can always count on the NBA to come up with some interesting commercials for the second season. Check out this year’s version where we catch ourselves every time saying, “Is that ball talking?”Shaquille O’Neal finally made it back onto the court yesterday, horsing around and getting a couple of shots up just before Boston started their practice. Doc Rivers is aiming for today’s practice to get an idea of whether the big man can give it a go on Sunday against the Knicks … Yesterday, the NBA dropped their top 10 plays of the year, which we posted here, and the entries sparked some debates. First of all, why call it “Top 10 Plays” if it’s going to be one long summary of the entire season? How can you give the number-one spot to just Blake Griffin? Not even a dunk, but an entire player. C’mon son. A lot of y’all were asking for Dwight Howard over Jrue Holliday or Tyreke Evans over the Spurs. It’s funny. Both those happened in the last week or so, and yet were completely forgotten on the list … Back in the day, this list would’ve been dominated by Jason Williams. He’s now out for the year with a back injury, and the question of whether he will ever play another game in the NBA is a real one … Sacramento’s mayor, former NBA player Kevin Johnson, is going to fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento. After seeing the Kings lose an overtime thriller to end the year, Johnson flew cross-country to meet with rival owners to try to come up with some type of plan. He says that city’s team is worth fighting for. We agree … So what do you think: did Charlie Villanueva pop off enough to warrant a five-game suspension? Just because he said, “I’m gonna kill that guy. I don’t care” doesn’t mean he deserves five game-checks yanked. Actually, you know what? At least he didn’t yell a couple of “F” words … We’re out like Manu.

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