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12.01.07 10 years ago 23 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONPhoto. Jonathan Mannion

We know it’s early, but the idea of a Suns/Magic NBA Finals isn’t such a crazy one. With the way both teams are playing it could definitely happen, and with the way they match up, it’d be an entertaining series. Think about it: What team in the East is better built to handle Phoenix’s style? They’ve got versatile wings who can shoot from deep and create (Rashard and Hedo); they’ve got two solid point guards (Jameer and Arroyo) who can play up-tempo and give Steve Nash problems in their own way; they’ve got defensive stoppers (Bogans and Dooling) and raw athletes (Mo Evans); and of course they have Dwight Howard. The series would definitely be interesting … That said, the Suns edged Orlando last night to sweep their season series, despite Amare (19 pts, 10 rebs) kinda getting owned by Dwight (30 pts, 23 rebs) … Really, how many dunks did Dwight get off of pick-and-rolls? If Orlando’s guards can just come off that pick and lob it in the general direction of the rim knowing Dwight will catch it, their pick-and-roll will be more effective than the Deron Williams/Carlos Boozer version … Steve Nash threw a few lobs of his own, finishing with 15 points and 14 dimes, while Raja Bell scored 20 on four triples … Less than 24 hours after their 45-piecing in Boston, the Knicks were back at the Garden for a date with the Bucks, and the Dime crew was in the building. Going in we figured it would be super ugly with the NY fans, but surprisingly the mood for much of the night was less hateful and more apathetic. Of course Isiah and Steph and Q were booed during the intros, but it wasn’t as passionate as we’ve seen before. The Knicks matched the crowd’s efforts for most of the first three quarters, playing listless and getting behind by as much as 17 at one point … All of a sudden, though, amidst the scattered “Fire Isiah!” chants, NY grew a set and mounted a comeback, and won it on Jamal Crawford‘s baseline banker with 28 ticks left … Fred Jones (we spotted a sick pair of Knicks-colored Jordan Retro 8’s at his locker pre-game) was the sparkplug, scoring 10 points in the fourth and proving to be the only Knick who could do anything against Michael Redd (27 pts). But Fred probably wouldn’t have even played if Steph hadn’t hurt his shoulder and Nate Robinson hadn’t somehow found his way into Isiah’s doghouse. Nate got ZERO minutes the night after being the team’s high scorer in the Celtics debacle. Is Isiah scapegoating Nate the same way Phil Jackson used to blame Smush Parker for everything? … The media circus surrounded Yi pre-game wasn’t as crazy as you would expect with it being in New York. There was a sizable group of reporters around Yi in the locker room, asking and getting answers through Yi’s interpreter/bodyguard. And while Yi might be new to the League, we gotta say his canned-answer game is in veteran mode … We saw one guy walking around before the game with a paper bag over his head that had “Yo Dolan, I can play defence!” written on it … Desmond Mason has to hit more junk shots than anyone in the NBA. Some of the stuff he throws up is just ridiculous, but it goes in … Spotted in the crowd: Fat Joe, Sean William Scott and Masi Oka from “Heroes.” … For whatever reason, Jake Voskuhl just antagonizes people — KG has almost beat his ass multiple times over the years, and yesterday Jake only played a few minutes but had Zach Randolph (25 pts, 8 rebs) ready to throw down … And did you see Tim Duncan getting pissed at Mark Madsen‘s flopping and go into “Kill Bill” mode on the Wolves? We can’t blame TD, though; Madsen’s antics were out of control … We knew Kobe was going to leave Salt Lake on the losing end when he showed up to the arena wearing that Mad Max-looking fur coat thing. Seriously, what was that? He looked like a bad guy from Waterworld … Mamba scored 28, but he couldn’t do anything to stop the clinic L.A. had run on them by the Jazz. Even without Boozer (ankle), the Jazz put up 120 points in a rout, getting 35 from Deron and 20 from Booz understudy Paul Millsap. Then there was AK-47; he notched a triple-double (20 pts, 11 rebs, 11 asts) to go with 6 steals and 4 blocks … With no LeBron (finger) and no Bosh (groin), Cavs/Raptors went from interesting to “eh” status pretty quick. One subplot was the T.J. Ford/Jose Calderon situation. With Calderon playing out of his mind right now, we were wondering what would happen when T.J. got healthy. Last night Calderon was still the starter, playing twice as many minutes and put up 11 points and 10 dimes in the win … How does Billy Knight feel whenever he has to watch Chris Paul (20 pts) rip his team while he’s got Anthony Johnson starting at the one? Assume it’s the same way he feels whenever Utah or Charlotte is on the schedule … We don’t get DeShawn Stevenson. Dude hit a 15-footer against the Sixers, turned around and started woofing at the Philly bench. He had six points at the time … We’re out like Nate’s tick …

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