CP Poppin’?

09.10.07 10 years ago 14 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONCP is rapping now? (Photo. David Deal)

One of our guys was in D.C. yesterday and heard a radio announcer talking about a new song about the Redskins by Chris Paul. “I figured the dude had to be off; maybe he meant to say Chris Brown or Sean Paul,” our guy wrote. “I looked it up and it turns out it’s not that Chris Paul. There’s a guy named Chris Paul who’s a comedian from D.C. that did a song about the Redskins. It sounds like T.I.‘s ‘Big Thangs Poppin.’ And I think he’s gonna have a new one every week, because the one I heard he’s talking about ‘Redskins poppin / aqua-blue droppin‘ for the Dolphins.” … Of course, you can’t talk about the Hornets and hip-hop without mentioning this … The rumors out there say Bucks owner Herb Kohl promised Yi Jianlian‘s people that their man would play at least 20-25 minutes a game this year. That sounds like something college recruiters would do with high school kids. Did Kohl also bring Yi to the Bucks’ arena and do the fake player intro/fake news clippings thing, too? While it doesn’t seem like a stretch for any high Lottery pick (recent #6 picks include Brandon Roy, Josh Childress, Chris Kaman and Dajuan Wagner) to play 20-25 minutes a night, the problems arise if Yi ends up hurting the Bucks by being on the floor when someone like Charlie V or Desmond Mason or maybe even David Noel would be a better option. You can’t back yourself into a corner where you have to play anyone for any amount of time. For the record, we think Yi is gonna be good, and we admire the Bucks for sticking to their plans in both making the pick and not trading him, but we can see it happening where the Bucks one day end up learning that it wasn’t worth it. And it’ll especially look bad if someone Milwaukee could have had in that #6 spot — i.e. Corey Brewer or Brandan Wright — ends up becoming a star … Did you see the MTV Video Awards last night? The show opened with a career-ending performance by Britney Spears. Here’s the Cass report: “TRAIN WRECK. She was wearing some kind of diamond-encrusted bikini that was about two sizes too small, she wasn’t even remotely trying to lip synch, and she had this weird look on her face like she was scared or something. It was really uncomfortable to watch. At one point they cut to 50, who was sitting in the front row with this stunned look on his face like ‘What the hell is this?'” You gotta blame MTV for that one. Everyone knows Britney is a mess right now and they still put her on? If they were looking to cause morning-after water cooler talk and a ton of YouTube clicks, they got what they wanted … Did you read what Kanye had to say about the Britney decision? “I can’t believe she would perform,” he said before the show. “She hasn’t had a hit record in years. Maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right.” The race card? Really? You know Kanye would have complained if X-Clan had gotten the nod over him, so he needs to drop that one … Luckily, Rihanna looked good enough when she performed to make us forget about the Britney thing … Timbaland‘s antics are out of control. After Justin Timberlake won “Best Male Artist,” Timbaland was the first one on stage, actually grabbed JT’s award from the presenter, and then took credit for JT’s success before giving him the trophy. Remember Diddy‘s “Last Night” video where he had the humongous portrait of his girl in his house? Is there ANY doubt Timbaland has more than one of those of himself in his house? … The Kid Rock/Tommy Lee fight smelled like a publicity stunt, kinda like when boxers get into a fake fight in their pre-fight press conference. In fact, it smells like a reality show in the making. And at what point do you not get an invite to the VMAs. Kanye’s talking about Britney? When was the last time Kid Rock did anything worth mentioning? … Every now and then, mostly during the offseason, we get reminders that NBA players (or at least their agents) are prone to an overinflated sense of worth. If it’s not someone like Marko Jaric — who borderline shouldn’t even be in the League — demanding a trade to a contender, it’s Mickael Pietrus trying to call the shots on his own sign-and-trade. Pietrus isn’t bad, but he’s not that good. He’s just another guy. And yet according to the Miami Herald, Pietrus’ agent “informed Golden State he prefers a sign-and-trade to Miami.” If you’re Chris Mullin, how do you respond to that with a straight face? … We’re out like Britney …

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