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Other than Shaq dominating Marcus Camby on the game’s first few possessions — or as Suns announcer Eddie Johnson called it, “gangsta’ing” Marcus Camby — Phoenix couldn’t get anything going against the Nuggets in the first quarter last night. Guys were forcing too many bad shots on offense and giving up too many easy looks on the other end; not just open jumpers, but layups and dunks where no defender was even near the lane, let alone under the basket … The Suns were getting cracked at halftime, but made huge runs in the third and fourth quarters, eventually cruising to a 15-point win. Steve Nash (36 pts, 8 asts, 8 threes) shot his team back into it in the third, playing maybe his best game of the season, while Amare (41 pts, 14 rebs) went nuts in the fourth, beasting Kenyon Martin “like a high schooler” according to EJ. Although, K-Mart did almost break Amare’s wrist in the first half when he smashed on him something serious … One time the court mics caught someone on the crowd scream, “He’s wearing a BABY BLUE uniform!” Not sure who they were talking about exactly … It took a few games, but Shaq (20 pts, 12 rebs) and STAT are working together better than any big-man tandem in the League. That’s why we don’t get when people worry about “clogging the lane” with two scoring bigs. Since when has having two talented post players a bad thing? Hakeem and Sampson seemed to handle it pretty well, not to mention Duncan and Robinson. Not every duo ends up like Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph … Was George Karl wearing jeans? Whatever the material, that blue-pants/brown-jacket combo wasn’t working … During the Suns game Johnson said the first home game back after a long road trip is always tough. That might apply to everyone but the Jazz, who are so good at home and so bad on the road lately that it doesn’t even make sense. After losing to the Wolves on the road over the weekend, the Jazz came back to Salt Lake and DESTROYED the Wizards. Deron Williams put up 12 points, 16 dimes and 3 steals, caking off C.J. Miles like he’d made a bet with someone that he could get anyone on the Jazz to score 30 points. Miles ended up with 29. He actually could have cracked 30, but one time when it looked like Deron was firing him another pass, Carlos Boozer darted in front of C.J. and took the the ball in for a layup of his own … And what did we say about DeShawn Stevenson in yesterday’s Smack? Put him up against Kobe or LeBron and he plays like an All-Star, but against everyone else he’s just another guy. DeShawn started out trying to recapture Sunday night’s magic against the Jazz — pretty much shooting every time he got the ball — but after a while just blended into the background … If the Raptors have any chance of winning in the first round of the postseason, they need to finish the regular season strong. Last night they came back from a halftime deficit to knock off the Bobcats on the road, showing some defense in holding the ‘Cats to just 10 points in the third. Chris Bosh gave Emeka Okafor a healthy 32 points, and T.J. Ford played well (16 pts, 7 asts), but what’s up with Jose Calderon? He played 17 minutes off the bench but it was like he wasn’t even there (1 point, 1 dime). Imagine being at that game and trying to convince the person sitting next to you that Calderon was considered an All-Star snub just a month prior … J.O. is back. Coming off the bench, Jermaine posted 9 points and a couple of boards against the Heat. No need to ask who won. Down the stretch, will the Pacers end up adjusting to J.O., or will he adjust to them? … E-mail from one of the Dime crew: “My boy just sent me this text: ‘Greg Oden and Stephen Curry are the same age.’ Oden looks like he’s 105 years old and Curry looks like he should be in middle school.” … Monday was a big night if you are (or were) any kind of wrestling fan: Ric Flair, coming off of his final match at Wrestlemania over the weekend, was given a surprisingly classy send-off by the entire WWE family. We say “surprisingly” because any time they do something like that, you expect (and often get) Vince McMahon infusing a storyline into it, where the man being honored ends up getting wailed on by a bad guy they’re trying to put over. Last night, Flair came out and thanked the fans, then Triple H got in the ring to thank and bow to the Nature Boy. HHH proceeded to bring out all of Flair’s old running buddies — Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (looking rather awful) and even the Four Horsemen. You know, considering how wrestlers live their lives and the things we’ve seen in recent years, it’s actually kind of incredible that all four of the Horsemen are even alive. (Arn Anderson looks like he could still legitimately kick some ass.) A few active wrestlers got in the ring to pay respect to Flair, including Shawn Michaels, and then Ric’s family was brought to the ring. Finally, every wrestler in the company came out and filled up the ramp, giving Flair a standing ovation. That part was kind of weird; it was like a carny bus broke down and all the freaks were just milling around … We’re out like the Nature Boy …

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