Miss Milwaukee

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IMAGE DESCRIPTIONMichael Redd (Photo. Stephen Hill)

When Michael Redd stepped to the free throw line with 1.3 seconds left and the Bucks trailing San Antonio by two, you knew the game was going to overtime. But to the shock of everyone in the building, Redd bricked the first freebie, drawing a loud simultaneous groan from the Milwaukee crowd and leading Redd to punch the ball in frustration when it bounced back to him off the rim. Now needing to miss the second free throw and hope for an offensive rebound, the Bucks damn near pulled it off: Andrew Bogut pushed Tim Duncan out of the way and Redd’s intentional miss came right to him. Bogut had a good look at a lefty banker from close range but put too much muscle on it … The game-winner for San Antonio came with 13 seconds left when Manu went to his go-to move; starting to drive left before stopping on a dime, going behind the back and sticking a pull-up jumper from mid-range. Just like he’d done to Randy Foye a few games ago, Manu (30 pts, 3 stls) shook Charlie Bell with that same move … After Bell was harassed into a turnover by Manu and Bruce Bowen on the ensuing possession — which could have done a lot toward killing the Bucks’ chances if Tony Parker (26 pts, 4-10 FT’s) had made his free throws — Bucks color analyst Scott Williams opined, “I don’t think Charlie was the first option on that play.” Really? … Earlier in the fourth, Redd (25 pts) threw up a three that hit all glass, but coming out of his hand looked good. As many times as we’ve seen him in person and on TV, we’re thinking Redd is the only guy in the League who has that going for him, where every jumper looks like it’s going in upon its release. Maybe Ray Allen can be put in that group, too … Duncan had just 9 points, and didn’t even get to the free throw line until the final two minutes of the game. Great job by Bogut (17 pts, 15 rebs, 2 blks) of being physical on defense without fouling … Before Mo Williams got ejected in the third quarter, he was on his way to a classic Mo Williams night: 13 points and zero assists … Only the Suns can be down 14 with three and a half minutes left and none of their crowd has left the building. Keeping its crunch-time lineup on the floor despite the seemingly insurmountable deficit, Phoenix cut Philly’s lead down to four with 37 seconds left, but then Raja Bell was called for a questionable foul while Philly was trying to inbound (great acting by Andre Miller) that caused Mike D’Antoni to naturally flip his lid … Given free throws and the ball back, Philly still couldn’t ice it, as Grant Hill stole the inbound pass and Amare (26 pts, 11 rebs) scored on a putback to make it a one-possession game. But after Willie Green knocked down some clutch free throws, Amare couldn’t corral a high inbound pass and the Sixers were able to wrap it up … On that final turnover, Amare looked like he might’ve been pushed in the back by Reggie Evans, and the way he was jumping up and down like a kid who didn’t get what he wanted at Toys ‘R’ Us, Amare definitely thought he was pushed. We couldn’t really tell from the replay, but the evil grin plastered on Evans’ face as the Sixers closed the game out makes us think he felt he got away with something … While the Suns announcers were discussing whether Phoenix should sign recently-waived Gordan Giricek, the Suns broadcast showed a graphic of Gordan’s stats titled, “Write the Cek?” Does it really matter if Giricek signs with the Suns? It’s not like D’Antoni uses his bench anyway … The Suns are selling these poker-chip looking things that you’re supposed to take with you when you go out with your friends, and flip to decide who’s gonna be the designated driver. First 500 kids at the next game get ’em for free! … With no Zach Randolph (foot) in the lineup, it wasn’t so much about whether the Knicks would beat Orlando (they wouldn’t), but what kind of misery Dwight Howard would inflict on them. The last time we saw Dwight play New York in person, he gave them a 22-20 stat line. This time he put up 26 points and 22 boards, punctuated by a highlight reel’s worth of dunks and one rejection where he spiked a Q-Rich offering so hard it bounced off the floor, over the Orlando bench and about 5 rows into the stands … Meanwhile, Eddy Curry posted 9 points and 6 boards. Do you think Eddy already reached his peak (last season) and it’s all going to be downhill from here, or could he still succeed in another environment? … For Deron Williams, facing Mike Conley and the Grizzlies the night after going up against Chris Paul must have been like a boxer going from a world title match to his next time in the ring against a scrub sparring partner. D-Will had 13 points and 19 assists against the rookie, as six Jazzmen (that’s what they call ’em) scored between 13 and 18 points in a blowout win … During garbage time of Pistons/Clippers, Walter Herrmann looked like a cross between Dr. J and Connie Hawkins. Three times in the last minute or so, Herrmann drove to the basket from the left side wielding the basketball in his right hand like it was a tennis ball and getting off finger rolls. And on another play, Herrmann put some crazy English on a pass that he fired from the right-side corner that skipped along the baseline and somehow found its way to Jarvis Hayes on the left side of the rim for a layup … Andre Barrett also saw some garbage-time tick. So what was the point of waiving Sam Cassell if it puts you in a position where you’re bringing up D-League guys for point guard depth? Was Sam being that bad in the locker room? And why do we feel like Sam’s gonna pull a Shaq and all of a sudden get healthy once he signs with Boston? … According to the Clippers’ announcers — one of whom called Barrett “a little bitty guy” — Andre is 5-10, but he seriously looked like he was 5-6 out there. Has he shrunk since he was ballin’ at Seton Hall? Juan Dixon was towering over him … The Pistons won by 30 despite not having Chauncey Billups (personal reasons). It ended a streak of 276 straight games that Chauncey, Rasheed, Tayshaun and Rip had started together … We’re out like writing the Cek …

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