Smush Parker And Kobe Are Still Feuding; Gerald Green’s Hops Are Still Insane

10.13.12 5 years ago
Kobe Bryant

Smush Parker responded to Kobe Bryant‘s derisive comments that Parker was never a NBA-quality guard, only the last pick on the playground because the Lakers were too cheap for anyone else. And did Parker ever respond. Parker called the 2005-07 Lakers the “Los Angeles Bryants” because Bean Bryant wouldn’t let Smush even talk to him off the court; ate at separate tables instead of with the team in restaurants and sat in the back of the bus by himself and his bodyguards; and never tried to get along with his teammates (remember, this was Kobe’s lean period of walking through the desert, so there wasn’t much to talk about, anyway). It got so bad that Smush said he started to freeze out Kobe. Yes, let us write that a second time. Smush Parker froze out Kobe Bryant and just started looking him off. This is a top-five bizarre-feud next to… next to … actually we can’t really think of one this pointed and so far after-the-fact to boot. It makes Deron Williams and Mark Cuban look absolutely minor league. … It’s a few days old but Rajon Rondo‘s comments in Boston Common (it’s a magazine; he wasn’t just talking to himself in the park) still jump out at his confidence. No longer can you say he’s in the shadow of his bigger teammates and no longer will he pretend like he belongs anywhere but the top five of NBA point guards. Ah, but how to define a good point guard? “I’ll give you an example: If [head coach] Doc Rivers gets thrown out, I can run the team for the rest of the game. I know what plays to call, what sets to call, or when to call time outs. It’s more than keeping track of the score,” he said. The reckless plays come and go far fewer than ever and his “wow” plays are so prevalent they’re almost the norm. Almost. That the head-scratchers are still there is why we’re even talking about Rondo right now, for their promise and frustration. He believes every team would — should — want him to run their show. “In that category I think I am the best at what I do.” … Houston only managed three offensive boards all night against New Orleans but the Rockets beat the Hornets, 95-75. Kevin Martin‘s outside J was buttery with three threes and Terrence Jones continued to make a few plays that could be top-10 worthy, including a nasty block. The book on Omer Asik in free agency was that he would be a valued rebounder and efficient scorer and he kept up his end of the deal, with 15 boards and 60-percent shooting. Monty Williams only went nine deep on his bench and kept Anthony Davis out of the game for rest. … Read on to hear about the Pacers-Wolves highlight  reel of a game …

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