Steph Curry Isn’t Worried About The Warriors Because ‘We All Think We’re The Best Player’

By: 09.15.16

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Even though the Golden State Warriors won the title in 2014-15, broke the single-season record for victories last year, and added Kevin Durant in free agency this summer, there are still some who aren’t completely sold on them. Obviously, there is no guarantee they will win the NBA title, but Steve Kerr’s team is certainly the favorite. One person who is convinced the Warriors are going to be just fine is Steph Curry.

Sure, he’s biased, but he’s also one of the players who will be part of making it work. The concern that some have is that by adding Durant, the Warriors have too many star players who are used to having the ball. The most recent point of reference would be the first year LeBron James and Chris Bosh spent with Dwyane Wade in Miami, although it bears remembering that super-team overcame early-season labors to reach the NBA Finals.

As Curry said at a fundraiser in San Francisco earlier this week, though, he’s unconcerned by naysayers and memorable precedent. Here’s the two-time reigning MVP from CBS Sports’ Ananth Pandian:

“There are plenty of shots to go around. There are plenty of opportunities for everybody to shine. And obviously for us, we have healthy egos and that we all think, you know, we’re the best player, we’re confident when we go out there. But the only real objective is to win and if we don’t win, we know what that feeling’s like now and we don’t want that feeling.”

Since Curry is likely to see his shot totals go down, his unwavering confidence is certainly encouraging. Durant joined the Warriors to win a title, so one would hope he would be willing to do what is necessary to ease the transition.

“It will work. It will take some time to get in training camp to figure out,” Curry admitted.

In the end, talent usually wins out, and the Warriors boast arguably as much high-end ability as any team in league history. They have at least two players who are justified in thinking they are the best player in the league, and two other All-NBA type performers who play both ends of the floor at an elite level. That’s not something most teams can say, and that goes a long way.

(Via CBS Sports)

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