Stephen Jackson Eviscerated Don King For Using A Racial Slur At A Donald Trump Event

By: 09.21.16

On Tuesday, Donald Trump tried his hand at pandering to black voters when he made an appearance at a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Infamous boxing promoter Don King had the dubious honor of introducing the Republican candidate and, in the process, “accidentally” let slip a racial slur.

Incredulous former NBA player Stephen Jackson – who’s never been shy about speaking his mind – let the world know exactly what he thought about it in an appearance on CNN:

“He’s a pawn put up there to help Donald Trump,” Jackson said. “I think Don King has always been an idiot in my mind. He’s always been about money. I don’t think he really cares about anything else but himself, and he’s not a person to speak for the black race at all. Even if you’re speaking for Donald Trump, as a black man, represent yourself better. Don’t show up in a jean jacket with a whole bunch of buttons on. Dress up, put a nice jacket on, and look presentable. I call him ‘Don Coon,’ and I’m gonna stand by that.”

Earlier this summer, Jackson also publicly criticized rapper A$AP Rocky for his anti Black Lives Matter comments. Jackson has said repeatedly that he’d like to make an NBA comeback next season, but his most recent CNN appearance, along with his regular guest spots on Rachel Nichols’ The Jump, have proven that he’s more than ready for prime-time if his basketball career doesn’t pan out.

(h/t Deadspin)

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