Steve Francis Caught Waving His Middle Finger On The Bench

12.22.10 7 years ago 8 Comments
Steve Francis

Steve Francis

What happened? When we heard that Steve Francis agreed to a two-year deal to play for the Beijing Ducks in China this season, we couldn’t fault the guy for getting his. But when we hard that the Chinese Basketball Association issued a “serious warning” for waving his middle finger as he sat on the bench, well, that’s a little much.

Things of note from the report:

1. The CBA ordered the team to “educate and criticize” Francis
2. The country’s sporting press has said he is out of shape
3. After missing his first game, Francis played only 17 seconds in his CBA debut, under four minutes in his second game and about six minutes in Sunday’s game.
4. In his three games, he has scored two points, committed four turnovers and had two of his shots blocked.
5. Oh yeah, his contract is worth $800,000 for the 32-game season

Conclusion: If you don’t play the Franchise, he may get upset.

What do you think?

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