Super-Friends 2: Carmelo linked to Dwight Howard and Amar’e

08.18.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

If this NBA offseason taught you anything, it was that — once again — most of the media doesn’t know sh*t. Or to turn Bernie Mac‘s phrase, they don’t know sh*t until sh*t happens … Take the Carmelo Anthony situation. With every day that ‘Melo doesn’t sign his extension offer from the Nuggets, more scenarios are spun of where he’ll end up next, and more reports come out that are presented as near fact when it’s really just guessing. Today’s best guesses are that Carmelo forms a “Super-Friends 2” clique in New York with Amar’e and Tony Parker/Chris Paul, or that Melo goes to Orlando as part of a trade that could also include Chauncey, Vince and Rashard Lewis. Great move for the Magic, but why would Denver do that? You’re gonna roll out a lineup of Ty Lawson, Disgruntled Vince Carter in a Cold-Weather City, Rashard Lewis as a 2nd Option, Aging Injured Kenyon Martin and Nene? That’s ugly … Breaking news: The Clippers are a mess. Once again, owner Donald Sterling made a fool of himself when he told the L.A. Times that he would have traded DeAndre Jordan this summer but his “people” didn’t do it (way to instill confidence in your developing 7-footer), then said he didn’t understand why the Clippers couldn’t land LeBron and had to settle for Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye, a.k.a. “What’s the other guy’s name?” … And maybe we shouldn’t read too much into this quote by Eric Gordon on Baron Davis: “You know, it’s good, we just need to get (Baron) motivated to really play. We all know he can play and as long as he stays motivated, we should be good.” But shouldn’t the 11-year vet be saying that kind of thing about the 2nd-year pro, and not the other way around? Maybe it’s nothing, but with the Clippers you always assume the worst … Turns out Darren Collison has a fractured finger on his shooting hand and will be sidelined for a month. No big deal to Pacers fans. As far as they’re concerned, Collison with nine fingers is still better than T.J. Ford with a full set … A bunch of Tier-7 caliber free agents are seeing the writing on the wall and heading overseas. Perpetual problem child Sean Williams is close to a deal with a team in Israel, Australian Big Baby Nathan Jawai is going to Serbia, Travis Diener is going to Italy, James “Flight” White is also going to Italy and likely robbing us of another year where he could own the NBA dunk contest, and Robert Swift, a.k.a. The World’s Biggest Goth Kid, is signing with a team in Japan. If Shaq can make movies like Kazaam and Steel in the U.S., there’s no reason Swift can’t get a role in a Godzilla remake … We’re out like Flight …

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