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D-Wade vs. LeBron

D-Wade vs. LeBron

You know you pulled off an incredible dunk when your team doesn’t even win the game, you lost to a team that features arguably the best/most famous (active) basketball player in the world and one of the two other most famous players in the world, the dunk itself happened way back in the first quarter of an East Coast tip-off, and it’s STILL the first everybody is talking about around the water cooler. A few minutes into Heat/Cavs, LeBron looked like he was gonna put somebody on a poster when he got a step on his defender and approached the rim with bad intentions. LBJ got stuffed by Jermaine O’Neal, though, creating a one-man fast break for Dwyane Wade. With ‘Bron trailing a little too far behind, Wade got to the paint and elevated on Anderson Varejao, went chest-to-chest and flushed home a banger that sent Varejao crashing into the basket support heels-over-head. The Heat bench turned into an Omega Psi Phi party, then Wade punctuated the dunk with an ice cold step-over. Dunk of the Year so far, with all due respect to Travis Outlaw … The Cavs were ahead most of the night, and took control about midway through the third quarter. Wade (36 pts, 15-21 FT) hit a couple threes in the fourth to get a Miami rally going, but LeBron (34 pts, 16-18 FT, 7 asts) and Mo Williams (25 pts, 5-7 3PA) always had an answer to keep it out of reach … We had a Dorell Wright sighting. Marv Albert tried to say he and the announce crew had talked to Erik Spoelstra about Wright before the game, but we’re not buying it. Dorell Wright’s bill collectors don’t even ask about Dorell Wright … It wasn’t as blatant as New York, but LeBron was being covertly courted in Miami. Not even because Michael Jordan was in the building — MJ was already in town for the launch of the Air Jordan 2010 with Wade — but Penny Hardaway and Scottie Pippen just happened to be there as well. Even the annnouncers figured the MJ/Pip thing was a subliminal message to Wade and LeBron that they should team up, and ‘Bron has said before that Penny was his favorite player growing up … The TNT studio guys were clowning the Sammy Sosa skin-lightening thing at halftime of the Heat game, which led to Charles Barkley having light makeup put on his face as a gag. “I’m tired of being pulled over for Driving While Black!” Barkley laughed. Nah, Chuck, that’s not why you got stopped. YOU got pulled over trying to watch Dome Alone on your, uh, headrest … It’s like Kobe Bryant didn’t even make a gradual transition into this new phase of his career, did he? People talk about Jordan slowly changing his game from high-flyer to smart and balanced scorer, and then again to a guy who played in the post and relied heavily on his turnaround jumper. With Kobe, it’s like he just decided this summer that he was going to be the world’s most skilled power forward, and two weeks into the season he’s leading the NBA in points in the paint … Last night, Kobe — or as Barkley calls him, “Kobeh Braaahnt” — was killing the Suns from his new favorite spot, scoring 29 points (13-21 FG) in a blowout of one of the early surprise teams in the West. Giving Jason Richardson buckets on one end and locking J-Rich (5 pts) down on the other, Kobe took out Phoenix’s X-factor and exposed their defense. Throw in Andrew Bynum (26 pts, 15 rebs, 3 blks) dominating the paint when Kobe wasn’t there, and the Suns didn’t have a chance … Did Doug Collins really call Lamar Odom‘s wife an “actress” with a straight face? Actress? Is that what they’re calling it now? So the crazy guy who mumbles disgusting things at the girls on the F train every morning, is he a stand-up comedian now? … With the firing of Byron Scott in New Orleans, we’re officially past the stage in the season where coaches can use the excuse of his players needing to get used to each other. Having a (kind of) new-look roster wasn’t enough to save Scott’s job, and he’s coming off consecutive playoff appearances in the West. Who do you think is the next coach to get fired mid-season? We’re looking at you, Lawrence Frank … We’re out like Khloe’s Golden Globe award …

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