Team USA 119, Spain 82: Analysis

08.16.08 9 years ago 28 Comments
Chris PaulChris Paul (photo. Mannion)

(Author’s note: NBC didn’t air the game live on the West Coast. Sorry for the delay.)

Why Team USA won: The second quarter blowout run that is becoming trademark with this group. Holding a nine-point lead at the end of the first, Team USA started racking up steals, knocking down threes and cutting through Spain’s D like they were traffic cones. By halftime it was a wrap, and the second half was just salad dressing.

Why Spain lost: They gave up. After the U.S. took its 16-point lead at halftime, the announcers wondered aloud if Spain’s coaching staff would tuck their cards away and not show anything going into the medal round. Whether that was the case, or Spain’s players just conceded the game in their own minds, at no point in the second half did it seem like they truly thought they could win.

Looking ahead: While Dirk Nowitzki could give anyone on Team USA massive buckets, and Chris Kaman could easily slap up a double-double, Germany (1-3) just isn’t that good. They were beaten by China on Saturday, lost to Spain by double digits before that, and were 20-pieced by Greece earlier in the tournament. Where’s Ademola Okulaja when you need him?

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