Tee Wolves Drop The “Ricky Tank”

08.23.12 5 years ago

After having surgery to repair his torn ACL, Ricky Rubio will hopefully be the same crowd pleaser he was last year. Dimes. No-looks. Late-game miracles. He nearly had the T’Wolves in the playoffs before going down for the year. No matter what he does though, you’ll be able to rep your fandom thanks to Tee Wolves and their shirt, called the “Ricky Tank.” It’s not a very creative name, but hey, it’s a pretty dope shirt.

Available in sizes from XS to XL, the shirt – which was unveiled earlier this summer – can be bought for only $20 from the company’s online store.

Tee Wolves "Ricky Tank"

Tee Wolves "Ricky Tank"

Tee Wolves "Ricky Tank"

Will Rubio have a better or worse year during his second season?

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