Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Son

01.23.10 8 years ago 52 Comments

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

Three straight L’s at home. Scalabrine calling himself a starter. Big Baby assuming the role of crowd-antagonizing Bad Guy. Yeah, it was definitely time for Kevin Garnett to get back on the court. The day after being named an All-Star starter to surprisingly little objection (so-so stats and 11 DNP’s), KG returned for Celtics/Blazers with plenty of pent-up anger to unleash … First half, Garnett (13 pts, 2 blks) was receiving an entry pass when he shoved Rudy Fernandez to the floor and got whistled for a foul. While KG was arguing with the ref, Andre Miller casually poked the ball out of his hands, so KG gave ‘Dre a forearm shot to the chest without taking his eyes off the ref or even breaking his sentence. We believe doctors call that the Bully Reflex … Boston was up two with under a minute to go in the fourth and looking for a dagger when Rajon Rondo darted past Martell Webster but somehow blew an open layup. After Webster hit a jumper to tie it, Paul Pierce (24 pts) had a chance to win it. But instead of taking his trademark pull-up, Pierce went all the way to the rack and ran over Miller (28 pts, 8 rebs, 8 asts). Offensive foul. Portland then tried an inbound lob to LaMarcus Aldridge, but that didn’t work … In overtime, Ray Allen‘s only three of the game put the Celts ahead with 40 seconds left, and after Aldridge bricked a jumper, Tony Allen got a breakaway dunk to push the lead to three. With no Brandon Roy (hamstring), the Blazers went to Fernandez, who missed one three, then missed an unnecessarily wild trey where he must have not realized how much time was left … There was no historic performance for Kobe at MSG this time, just your standard 27-point effort with a little questionable shot selection down the stretch. Dime’s Gerald Narciso was in the building and recapped most of the Lakers’ win HERE … The best game of the night was actually Hornets/Timberwolves. Kurt Rambis made some risky moves — twice in the last 10 seconds Minnesota was down by three but he had them go for two — and it almost worked. The first time Al Jefferson (25 pts, 13 rebs) scored on a quick post-up, then after Peja‘s free throws made it a three-point game again, Jonny Flynn got a layup plus-one. Tied up, Hornets ball with three seconds left: Chris Paul (23 pts, 9 asts) inbounded to James Posey, and when Posey showed handoff, everybody followed CP and gave Posey a clear path for a layup at the buzzer … We know the Wolves don’t have much experience in close games, but who decided to play Banarama’s “I’m Your Venus” during a crucial juncture in the fourth quarter? That’s when you’re supposed to play something from the 300 soundtrack … Grizzlies/Thunder also went down to the wire. It was tied with about 20 seconds left when O.J. Mayo missed a jumper and Kevin Durant (30 pts) got the rebound, but Marc Gasol ripped it out of KD’s hands to give Memphis another shot. Rudy Gay (25 pts) got an iso on Durant and drained a jumper in his eye for the game-winner … Derrick Rose (32 pts, 5 asts, 3 stls) dominated Steve Nash (8 pts, 7 asts, 5 turnovers) last night, and when the Suns tried to play zone, he tore that up too. But the play everybody will be talking about is what D-Rose did to Goran Dragic: Rose got out in transition and took a long lead pass from Tyrus Thomas. Dragic got the idea to jump with him, and Rose hammered a vintage Latrell Sprewell cocked-back two-hander on his dome. NASTY. Usually guys get dunked on when the offensive player is on the run. Rose stopped, gathered, jumped and still crammed (with two hands!) over a guy who’s taller than him … The ESPN announcers were doing an on-camera segment and you could see this douche-tastic Bulls fan getting in the camera shot and acting like a tool. Then to the surprise of no one, the guy pulls up his jersey to reveal Joakim Noah‘s number. We wish we were making that up … Other stat lines from Friday: Dwyane Wade had 32 points and 10 assists to beat the Wizards; Danny Granger put up 25 points to lead the Pacers past the Pistons; Jarrett Jack dropped 27 points in Toronto’s win over Milwaukee; Thad Young scored 22 off the bench as Philly upset the Mavs; Jamal Crawford scored 24 off the bench as Atlanta knocked off Charlotte; Kyle Lowry posted 23 and nine assists off the bench in Houston’s win at San Antonio; Stephen Curry gave the Nets 32 points in a blowout; and Dwight Howard posted 19 points and 15 boards to beat the Kings … After that game, Orlando’s sideline reporter asked Dwight about “dusting off” Anthony Johnson before AJ went into the game one time. “We call (Johnson) ‘Tyrone Biggums‘, so that’s why we did that,” Dwight said. So they were dusting pretend-crack off his shoulder? … We’re out like Bananarama …

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