The 2008 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

07.30.08 9 years ago 8 Comments
Jerryd BaylessThis could be a sick Bayless card (photo. NBA)

After the drama of Draft night and before the rookie hazing starts in October, the members of the ’08 draft class got together yesterday for the ’08 Rookie Photo Shoot. It’s the perfect time for the rooks to cheese for the cameras (or mean-mug if they so choose), as they’re largely coming off of successful appearances in the Vegas Summer League.

But how could they not be glowing for this event? Beyond hearing David Stern call their name, every one of these guys has dreamed of pulling an NBA jersey with his name on the back over his head, of signing – nay, autographing – his own rookie card, and of playing as himself in NBA Live ’09.

It’s easy to see why some dudes were downright giddy. The Celtics’ J.R. Giddens wins the 1st Annual Corey Brewer Award for the rookie who is just so damn happy to be there. Giddens didn’t stop dancing to the DJ spinning from 10-5. It was as if Diddy were wearing a Celt’s jersey and a headband.

The Clippers’ other new big man, DeAndre Jordan was having a blast clownin’ around on everyone. He was part of a wet willy war with Donte Greene (before any knowledge of the trade), and who else, but Michael Beasley. Supposedly Beasley played part of the way through an NBA Live ’09 tourney the night before, only letting his squad score when the ball was coming out of the hands of the digital Mike Beasley. How many points could he put up in a game of Live? 60? 70?

Even Roy Hibbert (thank God he got his hair cut) cracked a smile when he and Jason Thompson spontaneously broke out into a finger-wagging rap battle when “Juicy” blared over the speakers. After watching Big Boy Roy play basketball, it’s easy to see what kind of dancer this guy would be. Not pretty.

But not every rook was having such a good time. As we mentioned in Smack this morning, Marreese Speights made a memorable first impression by cracking a chair into pieces when he tried to take a seat. Anthony Randolph takes home the 1st Annual Isiah Thomas Award for the rookie with his own spin on having a perpetual doo-doo face.

In truth, everyone else looked like they were living out a dream. For a first-hand look at all the rookies on the day of the shoot, stay tuned to, as we’re gonna be dropping videos from the shoot on you soon.

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