The 5 NBA Rivalries I’d Like To See

11.04.09 8 years ago 59 Comments

Derrick Rose

There’s nothing like a good rivalry to spice things up: Shaq versus Kobe, Chris Paul versus Deron Williams, LeBron versus DeShawn (sort of). Watching Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul become nemesis’s this week made me think of other pairs who should be rivals. Here are five rivalries that I’d like to see start this year or in the immediate future.

1. Stephen Curry vs. Kevin Martin: A couple of nights ago, we saw Kevin Martin go off for 48 points. Everybody who watched college basketball for the past few seasons knows that Stephen Curry can fill it up as well. Being that both of these guards play in Northern California and are both skinny scoring guards, this could be a good rivalry. Of course any good rivalry has to be between two winning teams, so this one might be one to look out for in two years.

2. Brandon Jennings vs. Derrick Rose: The Milwaukee Bucks rookie has been a hot topic this week as he is showing everybody that he can score the ball at will. He is a lightning-quick guard, that’s got every move in the book. Rose, the reigning Rookie of the Year, is looked at as a future superstar. If Jennings keeps it up and makes Milwaukee a winner, than the Rose versus Jennings matchup could be one of the most exciting matchups in the league.

3. Andrew Bynum vs. Dwight Howard: Averaging 20.8 points and 9 rebounds per contest, Bynum has really stepped it up this season. If he continues to post these All-Star numbers, than we can say with a straight face that Dwight versus Andrew is real rivalry. Of course, Bynum’s athleticism is not even close to on par with Howard’s. But Bynum has more post moves and at 22 years old, still has a lot of room for improvement. If these centers meet again in the Finals, than we could have the first real big man rivalry since Yao and Shaq.

4. Brandon Roy vs. Carmelo Anthony: Brandon Roy is on the cusp of being a superstar and every superstar needs a rival. Although they technically don’t play the same position, Carmelo Anthony could be that suitor. They both play in the Northwest Division and their teams are expected to finish the year with similar records. I fully expect this matchup to get really heated, especially when playoff positioning and the actual playoffs come around.

5. Danilo Gallinari vs. Andrea Bargnani: This is just perfect. Both guys are from Italy, they play in the Atlantic Division, they’re nearly the same height (Gallinari is 6-10, Bargnani is 7-0), and they both play of the perimeter. While they are probably good friends and supportive of each other now, if there comes a time when both teams are good, expect that little Italian bond to get a little testy.

Who else would make a good rivalry?

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