The Best $9 Million The Brooklyn Nets Ever Spent

09.13.12 5 years ago
Josh Childress

Josh Childress

We all know the Nets made moves this summer — both literally and figuratively. Even those who paid just minimal attention are aware of the Joe Johnson acquisition, the re-signings of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace, and the big move to Brooklyn. What those who paid just minimal attention may not have noticed, however, is what the Nets were able to do between July 11th and September 11th.

Here’s the quick rundown:

*Completed a sign-and-trade for Reggie Evans.
*Re-signed Keith Bogans for the minimum.
*Re-signed Kris Humphries for two years, $24 million.
*Signed Tornike Shengelia (don’t worry, I’m not sure who he is either).
*Signed Jerry Stackhouse for the minimum.
*Signed Mirza Teletovic (this may have happened prior to July 11th, but whatever).
*Signed C.J. Watson for the minimum.
*Signed Josh Childress for the minimum.
*I thought they signed Andray Blatche, but it appears that the transaction is still in the works.

So basically, in a span of just two months the Nets assembled an entire bench (and brought back Kris Humphries). That’s not to mention that the bench they assembled appears to be more than viable. As a matter of fact, considering the caliber of their starting lineup, it’s downright impressive.

I think one of the Nets’ biggest improvements could come at backup point guard. While last season’s reserve unit was led by a committee of D-Leaguers, this year’s group will be commandeered by a capable scorer in C.J. Watson. While Watson may not be the most consistent or efficient player in the league, he has proven capable of providing offense in bunches. While ’11-12 wasn’t his best season to date, Watson did post a 33-point game and displayed 39 percent accuracy from long range.

At shooting guard (forget about MarShon Brooks for just a moment)… well, I’m not about to act like Jerry Stackhouse and Keith Bogans will often be better than the player standing across from them, mostly because they’re a combined 69 years old… but I’m not about to act like DeShawn Stevenson did anything that Keith Bogans can’t do, either. Stevenson is my dude, but he contributed absolutely nothing (2.9 points, 28 percent from three) to the Nets’ final season in New Jersey. I’m quite confident that Bogans, provided he maintains some semblance of health, can do better than that. Stack… I dunno about Stack, but he’ll rarely see the floor anyway.

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