The Best Way To Preview The NBA Playoffs: Lyrics From 2 Chainz

04.16.13 5 years ago
2 Chainz

With the playoffs starting this weekend, we look to the only person whose opinion matters about each team’s playoff outlook: 2 Chainz. From the top-seeded Heat to the limping Lakers (sorry, Utah fans), we used the Tity Boi scriptures to find out how all 16 teams will perform this postseason. From his days of playing high school basketball to sitting courtside at games across the league, 2 Chainz is a basketball whiz.

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2 Chainz, but I got me a few on – “I’m Different”
Just as 2 Chainz boasts here, the Spurs are different than every other franchise. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have championships under their belt and Gregg Popovich is the league’s best coach. Cutting Stephen Jackson last week was a bold move, but the Spurs have earned the benefit of the doubt. They will enter the playoffs as the biggest threat to knock off the Thunder because of Duncan’s resurgent season. The Big Fundamental is averaging more than 21 points per 36 minutes for the first time since the Spurs last championship in 2007, and Parker remains underrated despite putting together another All-Star season. Their championship aspirations rest on how effective Ginobili is when he returns from injury. As seen in the 2011 first-round loss to the Grizzlies, the Spurs need a healthy Ginobili to remain elite.

You ain’t know what I did, see I know I’mma win
And they don’t have slow-motion so I did it again
– “G.O.O.D. Morning”
2 Chainz’ buddy LeBron James and the Heat are the overwhelming favorites to claim a second-straight Larry O’Brien Trophy. A 27-game win streak, the league MVP and championship pedigree are just a few of the many reasons why the Heat should repeat. The Heat are also better than they were last year. Gone are the questions about LeBron’s clutchness and the alpha-dog debate between him and Dwyane Wade. They have avoided the injury bug that has swept the league despite having an older bench. Most importantly, the Heat know who they are now. Surrounding LeBron with shooters and turning Wade into the most overqualified sidekick have made them nearly unstoppable.

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