The Celtics and Pistons Talk the Most Smack

02.06.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

So says LeBron in today’s Akron Beacon-Journal:

Trash-talking during NBA games is as common as tattoos and reverse layups.

LeBron James has had his run-ins with several players over the years. Some more than others.

James said the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons are two teams that do plenty of trash-talking.

“It’s in a competitive way, but they back it up,” said James. “We all know they fly off the mouth sometimes, but they play great basketball. That’s not what our team is about, but when you win ball games, you do want you want to do.”

James has had some run-ins with the Celtics’ Paul Pierce over the years. They’ve had some classic duels, and they’ve also shared a few choice words.

“Pierce and I are two competitors,” James said. “We look at each other as two of the best forwards in the game. We go at it, and it’s just competitive. I love going against the best, and he’s one of the best.”

Not every team engages in trash-talking.

“The quietest team is Utah,” James said with a smile. “Utah doesn’t say anything, they just kick your [butt].”

While the Jazz may not talk much, a Sports Illustrated poll of more than 240 NBA players, 20% (more than any other building in the NBA) reportedly said that their gym, EnergySolutions Arena, is “the most intimidating arena to play in as a visitor.”

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