The Celtics Are In Trouble

04.21.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

Leon Powe

I had been celebrating last night’s victory over the Bulls until an hour ago. Reliving Rondo‘s jumper over Noah, Ray‘s ridiculous second half and KG trash talking in a suit. All of these made for a very entertaining morning. That was until I heard that the Celtics lost Leon Powe for rest of playoffs.

For a guy that I thought was practically invincible, apparently I was wrong. I guess it’s kind of tough to bounce back from a torn knee ligament. Without Garnett, I thought we still had a chance to repeat, but without Powe I’m not so sure anymore.

No KG, no Powe and Rondo’s playing with a sprained ankle. Not exactly the storyline I envisioned en route to winning their 18th NBA Championship. But no one ever said it was going to be easy.

If Paul Pierce is reading this, it’s time to step up. Where were you last night? Doc Rivers really had to ask the team for someone to pick up the slack and you weren’t the first one to respond? That baffles me.

Do you think the Celtics still have a shot to win it all this year?

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