The Citizens Of Toronto Still Hate Vince Carter

11.23.09 8 years ago 38 Comments


Fans in T-Dot sure know how to hold a grudge. Nearly five years after Vince Carter’s shaky departure from Toronto, the fans have still not forgiven him nor are they planning on doing so anytime soon. In his first return as a member of the Magic on Sunday, the fans mercilessly booed Carter every time he touched the ball. While locals are still upset about Carter forcing himself out of town, they probably weren’t too pleased he declined to take part in the Raptors’ 15th anniversary celebration.

All season long, the Raptors will honor former players who were big parts of the organization over the years. Even with Chris Bosh on board now, Carter is probably the most influential player the franchise has ever had. The Raptors reached out to the former Slam Dunk Champion, but Carter chose to pass on the offer.

“Why would I want to do it? You heard it out there,” Carter told the Orlando Sentinel. “They came to me. It just didn’t make sense. Actually, it wasn’t as loud as it has been. It used to be deafening.”

As it turned out, Carter got the last laugh scoring 24 points and hitting a key jumper down the stretch. Carter, who is clearly annoyed with answering the same questions every time he returns to Toronto, insisted to reporters that he is not fazed by the hatred.

“I enjoy playing in that atmosphere and I enjoy coming back here and just being part of this,” he said. “It was a misconception of the entire thing (his exit). This is where it all started.”

Do Raptors fans have a reason to still hate Vince? Was that classless of Carter to turn down getting honored? Do you think they’ll retire his jersey there someday?

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