L.A. Is A New Team With Chris Paul; Boston’s Win Streak Is Over

02.11.13 5 years ago
Chris Paul & CP3.VI

Chris Paul & CP3.VI (photo. Casey Rogers from AP for Jordan Brand)

Most nights when the home team gets run out of the gym, the arena is unusually quiet. Not last night in Philly. While the Clippers were busy laying a 17-point beatdown on the Sixers, the crowd was halfway in-between incensed and amazed. It really began in the third quarter, where the Clippers went on a run that put them up by 26. DeAndre Jordan had two dunks – one was off a Blake Griffin free throw miss where he puts his nuts in Arnett Moultrie‘s mug. The other came after Philly let a rebound slip right through their fingers. DeAndre came running from just inside midcourt to smash home a tip dunk. It was incredible – the Clips’ commentators coined him “the fastest big man they’ve ever seen.” Just moments before all of that, Griffin (20 points) had dropped a left-handed sledgehammer on the baseline that had the fans covering their eyes … Chris Paul (21 points, 11 dimes) has a pretty big effect on this team, doesn’t he? … Yesterday on DimeMag.com, we asked which young point guard would you pick to run your squad? Well, how about this: which backcourt would you rather have going forward – Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, or John Wall and Bradley Beal? The young fellas (Washington) took out the old heads (Milwaukee… sort of) by 12 last night. Beal was super aggressive, and played perhaps his best game of the season (28 points) while Wall had 14 points and 10 dimes. On the other side, how many more games do we need before we realize Ellis and Jennings cannot play together – they seriously CAN’T both play great at the same time. Ellis went for 24 points and eight assists against the Wizards, but Jennings countered by missing more than that cat that shot at Pootie Tang, finishing 3-for-17. In their next game, it’ll probably be the opposite … “It’s like they’re thinking too much. They’re not ready to spring into action.” Cleveland’s broadcast dropped the knowledge last night halfway through the fourth in their eight-point loss to the T’Wolves. It was an understatement. Minnesota made eight straight shots in the final period as the Cavs were moving with all the speed of a burnt out fast food employee. We’re not sure if we should be excited or worried that Kyrie Irving (20 points) has already picked up on the “Kobe complex.” Basically, this means going one-on-five whenever he wants offensively (which, when he’s flowing, is unreal to watch) but then not giving one single f— about the other end. There were a few times in the fourth quarter where Irving stood so far off Luke Ridnour (21 points) that even your little sister could’ve hit those shots … Meanwhile, Jay Williams says that when he was a rookie in Chicago, some of the players on the team would hit the Mary Jane before playing in games. Do you believe him? … Keep reading to hear about the nearly impossible feat Josh Smith pulled off last night …

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