The Clippers’ Worst Nightmare Resurfaces; The Lakers Are Falling Apart

01.22.13 5 years ago
Stephen Curry

The Clippers really don’t want to see the Warriors in the playoffs. We’d like it, but they certainly wouldn’t, not after Golden State beat them for the third time this season, 106-99. “There are shooters and then there are just the indescribable.” You could’ve hooked that phrase to Stephen Curry‘s after-shot prancing last night, but it worked with his shooting, too. He lit up the Clippers for 28 (with six triples) and now has 29 points in his last two fourth quarters. Yeah, Chris Paul‘s wobbly knee had him looking like a war hero, but Curry was still the difference after L.A. made a huge run to end the third quarter. There was a play halfway through the fourth quarter where Curry threw an incredible one-handed bounce pass on the break to Jarrett Jack (18 points, 10 assists), who finished with a wild reverse layup. Steph dropped a little Antoine Walker shimmy in celebration that could’ve landed him in a Justin Bieber video before they cut to the crowd and showed some white-haired dude who looked like he’d just taken three 5-Hour Energy drinks to the face … Where can we sign up to get seven playoff games of Nets/Knicks? Last night was the third game this year where they played to the wire, and after Brooklyn survived, 88-85, that makes this season’s bout 2-2. Brooklyn went up six in the middle of the fourth before going about five minutes without a bucket. But Joe Johnson, who had been making love to the three-point line all afternoon while going for 25 points, dropped a pull-up dagger on a final minute possession. The Knicks had two great chances to counter, but ‘Melo (29 points) shot an airball, and J.R. Smith‘s buzzer attempt just missed going in off the glass … Brook Lopez gets no love for his defense, but on two consecutive possessions in the clutch, he blocked Stat and then cuffed Anthony’s shot to the floor on the next trip … Brooklyn did win the game, but Kris Humphries still lost … In yesterday afternoon’s 114-105 loss in New Orleans, the Kings played one of the worst first halves we’ve seen all year. They always suck, but they’re such a dysfunctional family that it’s normally still fun to see guys go one-on-five, others completely ignore the coach, and the rest sit on the bench like they’re in the stands at a chess tournament. But against the Hornets, they had no energy at all. Just completely lifeless and boring. At least in the second half, they picked it up behind DeMarcus Cousins (29 points, 13 boards), and the game wasn’t iced until Greivis Vasquez (19 points, seven boards and 11 assists) dropped a 30-footer with two minutes left … Ryan Anderson had 27 points and somehow found time to shoot 14 three-pointers off the bench. Our kind of guy … And in some terrible news for Cleveland fans, Anderson Varejao is done for the year after developing a blood clot in his lower right lung. This comes just a few weeks after he had knee surgery. He’s at least expected to make a full recovery, but in basically a month or so, Varejao went from a possible All-Star (and $1 million in extra contractual bonuses) to needing surgery to now being done for the year … Keep reading to hear about Atlanta’s unlikely hero …

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