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07.02.08 9 years ago 24 Comments
Corey MaggetteWhere will Maggette end up?

Now that the Clips are ready to renounce Corey Maggette‘s rights in order to ink Elton Brand after the Baron Davis signing, the 28-year old swingman might have to settle for the mid-level exception during his first year with any of the four or five teams hoping to sign him – the Heat, Magic, Hornets, Jazz, and Celtics.

According to the Deseret News

Citing “a source close to him who requested anonymity because negotiations are still in the early stages,” the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site Tuesday that “Maggette has been contacted by several NBA teams regarding his availability,” including Orlando, Miami, Boston and Utah.

Now, Maggette doesn’t seem tied to the $11 million that he was reportedly seeking from the Clippers before opting out. Especially with the world champion Celtics are knocking at his door, he’s put winning first.

“It’s not always about money,” Maggette said. “I’ve been in the league a long time and I’ve made a lot of money. I’m tired of losing. I want to get back to the playoffs and win.”

That doesn’t mean he’s got one foot out of Hollywood and the other in Beantown though. The Magic are reportedly putting together a five-year $40 million offer, stacked with more cash after his first year.

“I think he’d come back in a heartbeat,” said one of Maggette’s friends who is close to both the player and the Magic organization. “It’s something he’d love to see happen.”

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