The Gil II Zero Preview

09.20.07 10 years ago 5 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONGilbert at the W Hotel yesterday

If you’re an NBA player with your own signature shoe, you can expect to drop one, maybe two shoes a year. If you’re Gilbert Arenas though, you can’t do it like everyone else does. Gil is coming strong with 20 versions of his new Gil II Zero, and we were on hand at the W Hotel in midtown Manhattan yesterday with Gil for for a sneak peek.

The original concept was for Gil to wear a sneaker comparable to the classic adidas Superstars in 82 different colorways, rocking a different color for each game. Gil eventually squashed that idea, preferring to keep it to a more manageable 20. The kicks will be rolled out one at a time throughout the course of the season: one home sneaker, one away, and then 18 specialized models that are designed to tell Agent Zero’s life story – and Gil plans to wear them all on relevant dates throughout the season.
The kicks are all under an embargo right now, so we can’t show you any images just yet (we will though the second we get ’em). We can tell you about some of our favorites though:

On December 7th, Gil will rock his MVP Gil II Zero kicks in black and gold, with “Vote For” inscribed on the right shoe, “Gilbert” on the left and “MVP” on the tongues.

On December 29th, adidas will drop a red-and-yellow Redskins colorway with “Chocolate City” etched across the toes and an insole designed to look like a football field.

February 8th marks the release of Halo-themed Gil II Zero’s, but G.A. doesn’t actually plan on lacing them up though when he leads his number-1 ranked Halo team into battle (Click here for a little on Gil’s love for all things Halo).


All in all, the “Black President” pair is probably our favorite (drops Feb 10th). The sneaker is mostly black with pinstripe-detailing on the side to pay homage to a president’s wardrobe. “In Gilbert We Trust” loops over the black laces on the tongue, and the coup-de-gras is the wingtip imprint on the toe.

Arenas was an integral part of the design process, and says he insisted on keeping them as low-tops and pushed designers to make the shoe mesh with both ball shorts and jeans.
“I needed a shoe that’s made for outside the court too,” Gil told us. “Jordans sell because you can wear them with jeans. Same with Air Force Ones.”

Almost all of the shoes in Gil’s run will be available at retail, although many of them will be limited. We’ll hit you with all the info as soon as we can…

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