The Lakers Get Smashed; Kevin Durant Puts Up Crazy Numbers

By: 04.21.12
Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Laker fans should slow down. They’re better than they were earlier this year, but San Antonio has showed them recently how far they still have to go. The Spurs took it back in time, unleashing their vaunted Big Three on the visitors in an easy 121-97 W. Kobe played and scored 18, and it didn’t matter. Tony Parker (20 points, 10 assists) blended them up and turned the Los Angeles defense into a milkshake in the first half. Tim Duncan (21 points) outplayed Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum nearly by himself. And Manu Ginobili (20 points on nine shots) turned in one of those crazy lines he’s known for … Seeing Boris Diaw in his new home uniform with the Spurs makes him look like one giant white onion … At the end of the first quarter with the Lakers down six, Bynum (two rebounds) came to the bench, slammed a chair and started in on his teammates, screaming in their faces. We guess that’s better than walking away from them. With a media member after the last loss to the Spurs, Bynum was so pissed off he literally walked away during the middle of an on-camera interview … Atlanta created some breathing room between themselves and Boston in the race for first round homecourt advantage, taking out the C’s by five behind 30 points from Joe Johnson. You might first look at the box score, see Avery Bradley had 28 points in what is becoming an increasingly nightly thing (he actually had 24 of them by the seven-minute mark in the third quarter), and think the Celtics must’ve had a spectacular game. That thought would come about .5 seconds before you realized they sat all of their best guys. By “all” we really mean it: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Mickael Pietrus, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo didn’t play for one reason or another. By leaving pretty much their entire team out of a game with major playoff implications (homecourt advantage in the first round is up for grabs in the middle of the East. It’s all based on record, not seeding), the Celtics made one thing very clear: they have no respect for the Hawks. Still, it really doesn’t make any sense, Boston had two days off and didn’t even play yesterday. Something’s fishy… that lineup brought a new low to the idea of tanking … Meanwhile, the Knicks can’t deal with success either. With Amar’e Stoudemire (15 points in 27 minutes) back in the lineup, and with a playoff spot wrapped up Thursday night, New York came out and let Cleveland bury them alive, 98-90. Manny Harris was a king for a night, busting out for 19 and 12. It was so bad for the Knicks that Mike Bibby‘s corpse was possibly their best player, scoring 12 points on four triples … The Cavs had a three-on-one fast break in the second quarter and Anthony Parker threw one of the worst passes we’ve ever seen. He tried to throw a lob about three seconds too late, and from five feet away he threw a missile that ended up in the fourth row of the crowd … At one point, the Knicks were losing the rebound battle with Cleveland 30-13 despite the fact that Stoudemire came back with braids in an effort to make himself more aerodynamic … Keep reading to hear about why DeMarcus Cousins was so upset …

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