The Lamar Odom Debacle

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Lamar Odom

The L.A. Times refers to the Lakers‘ use of Lamar Odom as a a primary ball handler in their offense in their first preseason game as an “experiment,” but as we told you in Smack this morning, early on, it was more of a disaster than anything else. The stink of his tough performance against the Jazz on Tuesday is still drawing heat from his coaches.

From the Times this morning:

In 20 minutes, Odom had three points, five rebounds and three assists.

Assistant coach Kurt Rambis said Odom’s game was “fair to middling, maybe poor,” and that Odom “didn’t seem focused out there.”

Jackson took it a step further.

“I just got through telling him that this is really basketball now,” Jackson said Wednesday. “He looks like he’s either curling or doing some other kind of sport. He’s not playing basketball.

“The first shot he took was a three-pointer in the middle of the third quarter? That was pretty interesting.”

The Rambis quote made us laugh out loud. Obviously, Phil prides himself on all of his Zen-master antics and mind games designed to motivate his guys, but this was after the first preseason game. The only thing we can think of is that Jackson was so frustrated after L.O.’s Jekyll & Hyde playoffs/Finals run that he feels the need to get Lamar right immediately and he feels the best way to do that is to publicly antagonize him into playing with fire and focus.

Source: L.A. Times

Photo. Tim Tadder

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