Behold The LeBron James vs. David West Epic Double Flop

05.29.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

lebron james david west double flop

Last night’s Heat/Pacers playoff game was somehow, at the very same time, both tremendous and sickening. It was a thrilling, back and forth game, with big-time players making big-time plays in a tight, physical, heated contest.

But then there was also an irritating element that seemed to pervade the entire game, specifically the flopping. It would take some real nonsense to make this flop attempt from Lance Stephenson the second most ridiculous part of the night, but here you go. This play embodies just how utterly absurd the whole thing has become.

Behold, two masters at work:

GIF via Gawker

Will the NBA step up and do anything to eliminate the flopping in the playoffs this season?

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