The NBA’s Top 10 Fastest Players

03.18.10 8 years ago 77 Comments

For years in the NBA when you thought of the fastest player in the League, it was Allen Iverson. But the Answer got older and it seems that guards somehow got even faster. In the current issue of HOOP Magazine, Hornets rookie Darren Collison came out and said that he’s at the top of the list: “I definitely think I’m the fastest player. I got a chance to watch Ty Lawson‘s game and he is probably up there. I’d definitely say I’m the fastest.” Whether or not you believe the rookie is up to you, but here’s my list of the NBA’s top 10 fastest players.

In alphabetical order…

Aaron Brooks
Darren Collison
Monta Ellis
T.J. Ford
LeBron James
Brandon Jennings
Ty Lawson
Chris Paul
Rajon Rondo
Derrick Rose

Honorable Mention: D.J. Augustin, Leandro Barbosa, Jerryd Bayless, Earl Boykins, Will Bynum, George Hill, Tony Parker, Nate Robinson

What do you think? Who are the ten fastest guys in the NBA today?

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