The Nets Have One Chance To Avoid The History Books

11.19.09 8 years ago 11 Comments
Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez

The New Jersey Nets are making a run at the wrong side of history. After starting 0-12, Lawrence Frank’s squad is inching closer to tying the ’88-89 Heat and ’98-99 Clippers for the worst start in NBA history. No doubt about it, the Nets are horrible. They have been playing without star Devin Harris, who has been out with a groin injury since Oct. 30, and have been forced to rely on a roster filled with young players. While more losses are definitely in the cards for this Nets team, the question remains will they go 0-18? We took a look at their upcoming schedule to find out.

Knicks (Nov. 21): This might be the Nets’ one chance and one chance only to escape the record books. At 2-9, the Knicks are just about as bad as their cross river foes. The Nets catch the Knicks at home and have a major mismatch against New York with Brook Lopez against David Lee or Jared Jeffries. On the negative side, the Knicks are coming off a win and there is a possibility that A.I. will be a Knick by then. If the Nets blow this, they have a tough schedule ahead.

@ Nuggets (Nov. 24): This won’t be an easy task for the Nets considering the Nuggets routed them on their own home floor 122-94 on Nov. 4. Unless Terrence Williams goes off for 50, New Jersey is probably out of luck on the first stop of their western road trip.

@ Blazers (Nov. 25): Having to play the second of back to back games on the road against a team like Portland is not a good thing for New Jersey. It also isn’t a good sign that the Blazers have won seven of their last eight games. If I were Lawrence Frank (if he is still around by that point), I would accept this defeat early and play my bench for the majority of the second half so I could save them for the next game, which they actually have a chance to win.

@ Kings (Nov. 27): Sacramento has caught a little momentum as of late. They have won four of their last five games and are 4-2 at home. They are missing their best player Kevin Martin, but center Jason Thompson has blossomed in the past few games. Lopez is a better player than Thompson and the Nets should look to take advantage of that match up and hope rookie Tyreke Evans has a bad night. If New Jersey blows this opportunity they might as well accept their fate.

@Lakers (Nov. 29): No chance. Unless Kobe, Lamar, Bynum and Pau fail a drug test in the next week, this will be a 20-40 point blowout, depending on how bad of pricks the Lakers want to be.

Dallas (Dec. 2): If the Nets make it to this point without a “W”, the record is pretty much inevitable. However, Dallas has the tendency to have some bad nights. The Hornets were able to upset them earlier this season. But then again, the game was in New Orleans and it took one of the best point guards in the game in Chris Paul to put up 39 points. So barring a complete miracle, the record will go to the New Jersey Nets!

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