The Pistons are running

11.19.08 9 years ago
Allen IversonAllen Iverson (photo. Gary Land)

Whereas Mo Williams showed why he’s been an invaluable pickup for the Cavs in the first half , Allen Iverson is showing why he’ll have the Pistons in the championship picture in the second.

Capitalizing on a turnover-filled third quarter from the Cavs, A.I. got out and ran, giving the Pistons several easy transition buckets. As they’ve since taken the lead in the fourth quarter — ahead by nine as I write this and also thanks to some Rasheed threes — it’s their transition game that’s put them in position to win this game. When Iverson, Arron Afflalo, Rodney Stuckey, Jason Maxiell and ‘Sheed are on the court at the same time, Detroit is as fast as any squad in the League.

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