The Place Where Kobe, LeBron and Brandon Jennings became stars

08.26.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Brandon Jennings in H.S.

Among high school and college basketball fans, the name Sonny Vaccaro rings bells nationwide. The noted power-broker has been attached to prep stars from Kobe Bryant to Brandon Jennings — he was basically Worldwide Wes before Worldwide Wes, but on an even more recognizable level within the industry’s structure.

Vaccaro has been laying low lately, but rumor has it he’s returning to the scene backed by rising sneaker company Li Ning. And if Vaccaro is back, we could see the return of his famous ABCD camp, formerly a summer proving ground where stars were made and reputations born.

Over on, we look at the history of ABCD and rank the five best player to ever come through the historic camp. Read the story HERE.

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