The Power Of Shaq: Just Ask Penny, Kobe, D-Wade & LeBron

08.04.10 7 years ago 32 Comments

Photo. Ryan Hurst (@NBA_Photos)

Assuming that Shaquille O’Neal is definitely headed to Boston now, it will be interesting to see the affect that he has on his new teammates. Having already played with Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, I tried to find a way to quantify what I call “The Power Of Shaq.” With that said, let’s look at the achievements of his co-stars throughout his career.

Shaq’s tenure in Orlando: 1992-1996
Penny Hardaway: 2× NBA All-Star (1995–1996), 2× All-NBA First Team (1995–1996), NBA All-Rookie First Team (1994)

Shaq’s tenure in Los Angeles: 1996-2004
Kobe Bryant: 3× NBA Champion (2000-2002), 6× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2004), 3× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004), 2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001), All-NBA Third Team (1999), 3× All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004), 2× All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002), NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1997)

Shaq’s tenure in Miami: 2004-2008
Dwyane Wade: NBA Champion (2006), NBA Finals MVP (2006), 2× NBA All-Star (2005–2006), 2× All-NBA Second Team (2005–2006), All-NBA Third Team (2007), All-Defensive Second Team (2005)

Shaq’s tenure in Cleveland: 2009-2010
LeBron James: NBA Most Valuable Player (2010), NBA All-Star (2010), All-NBA First Team (2010), All-Defensive First Team (2010)

What do you think? Which player (at that time in their career) benefitted the most from playing alongside Shaq?

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