The Price is Right

09.30.07 10 years ago 8 Comments

If you’re gonna hire the Phoenix Suns‘ top assistant to be your head coach so that you can play Phoenix Suns basketball, you best have a roster built like the Phoenix Suns. You need guys who can A) get up and down and B) shoot the hell out of the ball. And while their roster isn’t exactly overflowing with snipers (Mike Miller is by far their best shooter, followed by Casey Jacobsen), they’re doing what they can to elevate their game. Yesterday it was announced that the team had officially signed Mark Price as the team’s shooting coach. Honestly, in terms of picture-perfect shooting form, there might not be a better shooting coach (with NBA experience) available in the world. Mark, you need to get with Mike Conley Jr., like, yesterday … It was also announced yesterday that the T-Wolves officially signed their second-round pick out of Florida, Chris Richard. We loved this pick on draft night. Because of all the star power flaunted by the Gators last year, Chris kind of got lost in the mix, despite being good enough to start for most NCAA teams. A few years from now we can 100 percent see him being thought of as the steal of this past year’s draft … Yesterday, the Cavs traded David Wesley to the Hornets for big man Cedric Simmons. On paper, it seems like this trade benefits both teams – the Cavs will need a big in case they lose Anderson Varajeo and Chris Paul can always use another option to kick it out to on the perimeter. Problem is that Simmons hasn’t done anything in his short career to make us think he’s an NBA player and we doubt that Wesley has much left in the tank. If he did, when it became obvious that LeBron was desperate for more perimeter help last year, Wes would have been on the floor a lot more than he was … We caught LeBron hosting the season premiere of SNL last night. ‘Bron was good; he even did a little singing in a parody of “High School Musical.” He seemed a little bit nervous and rushed during the monologue, but by his second skit he was solid … A few of us were in AC last night for the Jermain Taylor/Kelly Pavlik championship fight last night. Our seats were ridiculous – 4th row, directly behind Jermain’s wife and mom. By the way, Jermain’s mom introduced herself to us with: “I’m the champ’s mom. I taught him how to whup that ass.” … Jay Fiedler was sitting right in front of us also (yeah, we know, not that cool that Fiedler was sitting closer than we were). One of Fiedler’s boys kept hand-signaling his phone number to one of the ring girls. She, in turn, laughed in his face. He seemed to think it was working for reason … And we heard that the NHL season supposedly starts this weekend. Raise your hand if you knew that or cared … We’re out like Jermain.

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