The Thunder Win A Playoff Rematch; Dwyane Wade Is The Closer

12.29.11 6 years ago 114 Comments
Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Who would’ve ever thought the most exciting game of the season would happen in Charlotte? The Bobcats dominated with energy in the first half as the Heat gave up 58 percent shooting and 60 points. But the real fireworks came late. LeBron James (35 points) had the best dunk ever that wasn’t, slamming a backdoor cut so hard that the ball hit a dude in the head and came back up and threw the net, as well as a ridiculous double-pump reverse IN THE LANE. Chris Bosh (25 points) had a monster smash down the lane that Michael Jordan probably felt from the bench, and finally Dwyane Wade (10 points) made the game-winning shot in the closing seconds to send the Heat out with a 96-95 comeback win. On the game’s final possession, it wasn’t LeBron – who was dominant all night – who Miami looked to. It was Dwyane Wade, the guy who hurt his foot earlier in the night and struggled. After Gerald Henderson had hit a three to put Charlotte up, Wade took Henderson (21 points) off the dribble and hit a tough push shot off the glass. Watching it on replay, we’re still surprised it went in: no arc, a tough angle… and oh yeah, Wade traveled … At one point, Bosh blocked a shot at the rim and James saved it by throwing a 70-foot pass as he was falling out of bounds to Wade for a dunk. Stupid … We don’t want to say we called the Spurs 115-90 demolition of the Clippers, but we kinda did. Manu Ginobili dropped 24, and San Antonio owned the third quarter, outscoring the NBA’s newest hype machine by 21 over that 12-minute span … Kevin Durant (32 points) led the Thunder to yet another classic win in Memphis, 98-95. Memphis missed their fist 11 shots of the game, but it wasn’t long before they were chipping away at OKC’s lead. In the second half, OKC’s offense started to break down (In the third quarter, everyone not named Durant combined for one basket.). But just as soon as Memphis came back to take the lead, Durant wetted a corner three and then James Harden swagged out from the top of the key. Two straight treys and a 14-1 run opened it back up … Z-Bo (24 points, 12 rebounds) was a monster at the end of the game, doing his “Shoot weird off-balance fadeaways that have no business going in” routine. On the other side, KD gave Rudy Gay (19 points, 10 rebounds) a pair of Russell Westbrook Jordan skates, breaking him down off the dribble multiple times before a beautiful step-back put the Thunder back up four in the final minute … But the real story was the argument between Durant and Westbrook, who reportedly got so heated they had to be separated during the middle of the game. Westbrook didn’t make a single shot the whole game and was clearly frustrated all night. This was the play that started it all when Russ flipped on Thabo Sefolosha for not shooting the ball … Keep reading to hear about what happened out in the Bay Area between the Knicks and Warriors …

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