The Top 20 Dunking Point Guards Of All Time

By: 08.08.13
Steve Francis

Steve Francis (photo. Gary Land)

For a very long time, the NBA has been about who has the better athletes. From Bill Russell to Wilt Chamberlain to Oscar Robertson to LeBron James, the better athletes have always been the best players in the league.

Over time, that athleticism has stretched from position to position. Normally, you’d see the better athletes playing wing positions. But throughout the history of the league, the better athletes started becoming smaller and smaller.

This is a list of the 20 best little man/point guard dunkers in NBA history. All of these guys are guards and every one of them have dunked on someone at some point. Whether the dunk was in game, in a dunk contest, a finesse dunk or a dunk filled with power, all of these guys have been there and done that. You can see our top 20 below…


Will Bynum
This cat can get up — he was doing windmills in-game when he was playing overseas. Ask Tyson Chandler, who got crowned a few years back on one of the most ruthless lil’ man dunks you’ll ever see. Bynum jumps like a jackrabbit who just comes out nowhere. You don’t expect it. You can’t plan for it. You probably won’t survive it.

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We had a few other names thrown out for honorable mentions, but let’s face it Darrell Armstrong and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, if you end up at No. 1 and 2 on this video, you probably can’t make it into this list.

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Deron Williams, like Rajon Rondo, doesn’t really dunk anymore. After his wrist injury that he sustained in 2010 when he was traded to the New Jersey Nets, he just doesn’t take too many chances when it comes to dunking. Still, he was one of the better point guard dunkers in his Utah Jazz days. Williams glided through the air and covered a lot of ground after takeoff. He doesn’t have the look of a dunker, but he’s a very good one. If he dunked more, he’d be much higher than 20 on this list.

Smush Parker isn’t known for being a good NBA player, but I’m here to tell you that he was a very good dunker. His dunks were pretty smooth with a touch of force on them. No one really talks about Smush other than him being the guy that gave the ball to Kobe and got out of the way, but in his short career he was a very good dunker.

Rajon Rondo doesn’t really dunk anymore like he used to. In the 2011-12 season, Rondo didn’t dunk the ball one time. But in the early stages of his career, Rondo jumped out of the gym. If he dunked more, he’d likely be in the top 10 part of this list. Ask Jason Maxiell whether or not Rondo can dunk. I’d bet you’d get a solid answer out of him.

Jeff Teague really came into his own as a point guard this past season, but he’s always been a great athlete. Teague could jump out of the gym even in his Wake Forest days. He always has that sleepy look on his face, but if he has a clear path to the basket he’s going to bang on your head. Watch out.

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